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Emergency Repairs Needed Our Freezer Broke!

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Thanks to our long-time amazing partners at the Karma Foundation, all donations to our Emergency Freezer Fund will be matched if you make your donation before Friday at 5 pm! We are so grateful to the Karma Foundation for their incredible generosity. Huge thanks to everyone who already made a gift this morning. 

Click Here to Donate Now to the Emergency Freezer Fund


What’s one of the worst things that can happen when we are serving triple the usual number of meals during a heat wave? The freezer breaks.
The temperature outside is spiking, the lines for meals are getting longer, and we faced the likelihood of food spoiling.

Unfortunately, we had to pay $3,600 for a new freezer compressor – and that’s only a temporary fix. We needed three new freezers to meet out storage needs, and that costs $12,500.

We can’t afford the unexpected fix and we certainly can’t afford a purchase. But, we have to do it. Meals counts are up three-fold. If we don’t expand our ability to store food, we won’t be able to feed everyone who comes to us.

We need your help. We’ve set up an Emergency Freezer Fund and we need to raise $16,100

Thank you for your continued support which makes the work of Elijah’s Promise possible! Visit our volunteer page for more info on how to support us during the pandemic.

Meals served at the Community Soup Kitchen…

June 2019…6,996
June 2020…17,338