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Happy National Nutrition Month!

Hi everyone! My name is Mia, and I am the registered dietitian at Elijah’s Promise. March is National Nutrition Month, and I am so happy to be sharing how nutrition services are providing collaborative support to our guests.   

Elijah’s Promise values a gentle nutritional approach that aims to meet guests where they are. Nutrition concepts are broken down in a simplified manner to show our guests that they have the capability to implement these changes into their everyday lives. With the help and support of our services and food resources, such as the emergency food bags I create and daily hot meals at the soup kitchen, impactful change is made possible! 

This client has been working with me weekly for about a month now and has gained so much confidence in his abilities to implement changes at home. There is so much motivation to come in and learn new concepts which is wonderful to see! 

National Nutrition Month is a time to celebrate nutritional health. Check out our nutrition page on the website under “programs” to take a look at what Elijah’s Promise has to offer!