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Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge 2021 Update

Elijah’s Promise is excited to be entering our second year of the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, the program that supports our New Brunswick cohort of the Your Food, Your Choice high school fellowship program. Check out this snapshot of our first year in the program and some of our successes so far!

Snapshot of
New Brunswick, New Jersey
January-June 2021 Progress Report
Convened 9 students, parents, school administrators and community
institution leaders to discuss the results of a school food experience survey and how to make improvements in key areas
2 partner organizations, New Brunswick Tomorrow and New Brunswick Public
Schools, engaged to support student involvement in school food decisionmaking
"Students are the primary consumers of the school food system and should
have an equitable position in the decision-making process around that
system. [Formalizing a school food advisory committee] begins the long-term
integration of students’ voices into this power structure.”
--New Brunswick HCCC team member
Launched the Your Food, Your Choice
New Brunswick cohort in March 2021,
involving nine high school students
regularly in bi-weekly gatherings to learn
about how their school food system
works and how to advocate for changes
and improvements
By the Numbers
Recruit and educate high school
students to civically engage with their
school food system
Implement institutional-level changes
that improve the school food system
and food education in schools