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Harvest Update Cont. Week of July 6, 2020

Greens and Mutual Aid!

Another #HarvestUpdate for this week! Promise Agriculture was fortunate to have an abundance of greens this week, so much so that after our programs used their share, we were able to share the rest with New Brunswick and Highland Park mutual aid groups.

Mutual aid groups are grassroots community efforts among neighbors to support one another through voluntary, reciprocal exchanges of resources like food, money, and emergency supplies, as well as other labor and non-tangible means of uplifting one another like childcare and grocery shopping.

Mutual aid societies have long been bedrocks of American communities, and during the coronavirus pandemic, many new ones have formed to help endure these difficult times. Search for mutual aid groups in your communities and get involved where you can!

For more information on how you can support food justice in your communities during COVID-19, visit our volunteer page.