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Spring Has Sprung!

Hi everyone and happy spring! Elijah’s Promise is excited to start moving into some warmer weather. With warmer weather always comes more outside events at the soup kitchen. The energy is always uplifted when there are more outside events and activities. In an effort to front more health-related resources, I am happy to announce a new weekly onsite health screening event for our guests every Wednesday! We hope that this event encourages guests to learn about their health and to utilize resources Elijah’s Promise can provide for guests’ well-being no matter what the case may be!  

Flu Vaccine Clinic from late fall right before it started getting real chilly! Happy we can bring back some health initiatives as it begins to warm up!

Along with these upcoming health initiatives, I want to highlight the special Easter menu Chef Curtis has let me in on. It is packed with variety, flavor, and tons of nutrients. The meals we serve reflect what we value for the guests. Protein sources, hearty starches, vegetables, and some type of fruit are added to our meals to make sure they provide adequate nutrition, satisfaction, and enjoyment. This year’s Easter meal will include pork chops with apple sauce, rice, yams, and dinner rolls. Doesn’t that sound yummy? 

One of our guests with their meal and snack bag! It’s always nice to come out to soup kitchen when the sun is shining!

Nutrition services has some exciting programs coming up so stay tuned for more updates as they come your way! And as always, be sure to check out the nutrition page for more information about the current programs and initiatives.