Promise Culinary School

Promise Culinary School is back open, graduating a new class in Spring 2022!

Promise Culinary Programs have graduated over 900 individuals in the culinary arts since 1997 with over 86% of students finding sustained employment in their respective culinary fields. Our state-certified vocational programs educate a diverse student body with affordable classes taught by professional staff reviewing culinary fundamentals and specializations.

A degree from Promise Culinary School can be the difference between making minimum wage and making $15-20 an hour with benefits, especially in this current job market. Students spend time in the kitchen learning and practicing all aspects of professional cooking. Students are encouraged to further their education and careers through field trips to the local community college and other entrepreneurial education activities. Students must maintain attendance, academic, culinary, and professional standards to graduate from the program. We also offer ample student support, including life skills, resume writing, and career services.

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